We’re challenging you to make all the difference by giving 3 in 2023.

What better gift can you give than a donation that could save a person’s life? The give 3 in 2023 challenge asks people across Canada to make three different kinds of contributions to Canadian Blood Services and the patients we serve. But you don’t have to wait until the new year to get started, you can begin your challenge today.

"Portraits of Difference" - the inspiration behind committing to 3 in 2023.

This holiday season, we are asking people across Canada to consider giving to patients in need and commit in three different ways. There are so many ways to support patients and save lives. Every donation to Canada’s Lifeline goes on to have a lasting impact in the lives of others. Whether it’s time, expertise, a financial gift or a life-saving donation, these connections, big or small, are what make us Canada’s Lifeline.

Photographed by celebrity photographer George Pimentel, “Portraits of Difference captures the infinite impact of donations on recipients, their families and society. By joining Canada’s Lifeline this holiday season, your donation could go on to save a life and change so many more. Explore the portraits and experience incredible stories through our behind-the-scenes interviews.

This holiday season, commit to giving to others in 2023 and make all the difference.

Giving something lifesaving this holiday will make all the difference
Thank you, donors! Canadian Blood Services has counted on the spirit of giving that runs powerfully through this country to help patients. So many came out to give blood, plasma and platelets in the face of countless other life demands. You gave of yourselves to help others in need. On behalf of Canadian Blood Services and the patients we serve, we thank all donors for their steadfast support and generosity, which quite literally saves lives.