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Your 3 commitments can be fulfilled through various life-saving actions, and it is up to you to choose which ones. Your donations don’t just impact a life, they also have a lasting impact in the lives of others.

Complete the form below and learn the many ways you can contribute to Canada’s Lifeline. Once you select your choices, we will send you an email, thanking you for your commitment, and to learn more about your choices and other ways to give. By brightening other peoples lives and giving a part of yourself to Canadas Lifeline, you can make the greatest human connection.

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Blood You can book an appointment to donate blood, donate blood over a long weekend, bring a new donor on your next visit, or ask about becoming a platelet donor.
Plasma Donate plasma for the first time, pledge to donate plasma each month, or donate at least 3 times during the summer months.
Stem Cells Join the Stem Cell Registry, learn more about stem cells, the registry and its impacts on patients waiting for a match, or host a stem cell swabbing event in your community.
Organs & Tissues Talk to your family about your intentions to donate, register your intention to donate or learn more about organ & tissue donation.
Cord Blood Commit to registering to donate your baby’s cord blood, learn why public cord banking is so effective, or talk to expectant parents about the opportunity to donate.
Share on Social Begin following our social channels, share an experience or supporting message, or share #3in2023 in support of Canada’s Lifeline..
Financial Gifts Make your first financial donation to Canadian Blood Services, ask your employer to match your donation, or consider your options for leaving a legacy gift in your will.
Volunteering Volunteer your time: Support donors in-centre, recruit new donors or raise awareness about the importance of donating.